Thursday, June 24, 2010

What should we do?

I feel like I've totally dropped the ball on this project. :( There's probably a few artists out there feeling the same...too many projects on the go,new babies, job changes, commissions, deadlines, too many life circumstances taking up free time (free time? what is that elusive beast again? I haven't seen him in a while) etc.

There's also that weird feeling I never thought I'd experience, but I stall and stall and stall when thinking about drawing something in someone else's moly. I know it's supposed to be fun and spontaneous and sketchy, but still I hesitate.

My own sketchbooks are full of scratches and doodles and spirals and mishmashes of colour and ideas. These little black books aren't the Sistine Chapel, but when it comes to someone else's moly, it certainly feels like it...doesn't it?

Shall we call it a day on this project? If we have a moly that is not our own should we mail it back to the original owner and call it a day? Should we continue the project? What do you think we should do?


Jen Appel said...

You know, I've been meaning to post the same thoughts for about a month now.

I am open either way. We could make the group a "once in a blue moon Moly exchange" or close it down.

Jennifer said...

I've been wondering what has/is happening with this...

I'm also open either way... me too with the new baby thing (#3 due this November!) and other life stuff getting in the way. I do love having that deadline, though, and having an actual reason to draw. :)

Lo said...

I am guilty too... Did anything with the Moly(s ?) I have got at home for such a long time... Sorry girls... But I would like to continue : could we give us a deadline to send the Moly we have to the next person, a Moly full with our drawings ? For the first of Augustus for instance. What do you think ?

Jennifer said...

I'm leaning towards keeping this going, if everyone else could be persuaded to, as well. So... if someone sends me a Moly, I will happily add my contribution and send it on to Susanne! Lo: Deadlines are a good idea!