Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 Whisked By

"How did we end up here?!"

"I hear the sheep back home have eaten my garden...I'll plant again next spring..."

"Finally, we are home, safe and sound..."

-Susanne Iles



Jen Appel said...

Oh my oh my what a year you had! I hope everyone is now doing well. Here's to a tranquil and happy 2010.

Shugar said...

hi susanne!

glad to know everything is well now. Congrats on your BB.
I had one too... he was 4 weeks early and spent the next 3 weeks in NICU. But he's doing well now too! :)

Jennifer said...

Love your drawings, and I'm glad to know everyone is well! What a year '09 was... welcome 2010!