Monday, October 27, 2008

Where am I?

Fripperee asks in her Moly: where are you now? This is my answer - waiting anxiously for 2008 to be OVER. For me this has been a crazy year - both good and bad. Now we're down to the final stretch - with luck the contractions won't be too bad and 2009 will pop out quickly.

The scan does not show the colours to well. I tried to keep this expressive. Since this is not my own sketchbook I feel like I must do a perfect drawing with no mistakes. So I tried to keep the stress off and just play with my pens. I usually buy cheap knock-off Moleskine sketchbooks that absorb the pens differently. It was fun to draw on this paper since it is smoother than my usual stuff.

To introduce myself. I live in Montreal, but I was born and grew up in Alberta. I just started a new job as a Print Producer at an advertising company.  I like to draw and cook (and eat) and drink coffee. I guess you'll learn more about me as I add more drawings.

So, Mia, are you ready for me to send you the next Moly?

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