Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Somnia a Deo missa

I finally received my lovely little moleskine and created a sketch entitled, "Somnia a Deo missa" which translates into English from Latin as, "Dreams sent by God". My dreams often shape the artwork I do; I feel compelled to draw and paint them to try to make sense of the symbolism that fills my sleeping hours.
I'm thrilled my sketchbook will be making its way to Belgium today. I was also so happy to receive Jen's moly from her on Monday! (quick postal service! I hope mine travels as quickly)
Heartfelt creative wishes to all!


Jen A said...

I wish I could get inspiration from my dreams - every morning they seem to go *poof* before I get the chance.

Lovely lines.

Shugar said...

oooh this looks great! :)