Monday, September 22, 2008

It's in the mail

I wished my book farewell and sent it off to Mia. The postmaster said it should take about a week and a half to make the journey.


jen hook said...

Awesome! do we get a peek at your sign in page? have you set a theme for the book?
I'm going to work on my sign in page tonight!

Jen A said...

I didn't do a sign in page - just squiggled my address in the front. You guys can always write notes on the back side of the pages.

No theme - go crazy. You can create as your heart desires. (Maybe that can be the theme).

mia said...

I got it!! Thanks Jen! And I have one to send along--I thought I needed to do the 3-4 pages, but just a sign in page, correct?


Jen A said...

It's up to you. If you want your book to start with your art then you can do a few pages before sending.

I want to be completely surprised - I sent my book empty and someday it will come back to me filled.

Glad my book made it's was safely.